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Ad Specifications

Sports & Leisure Magazine Ad Sizes

01 - Full Page 10.250 x 13.750

02T - Half Page Tall 4.750 x 13.750

02W - Half Page Wide 10.250 x 6.750

04 - Quarter Page 4.750 x 6.750

04T - Quarter Page Tall 2.250 x 13.750

04W - Quarter Page Wide 10.250 x 3.250

06 - Sixth Page Wide 4.750 x 4.325

06T - Sixth Page Tall 3.250 x 6.750

08T - Eighth Page Tall 2.250 x 6.750

08W - Eighth Page 4.750 x 3.250


S&L Ad Layout Guidelines

Acceptable Ad Formats:

Adobe Acrobat with all fonts embedded

Adobe Illustrator EPS with all fonts converted to paths

Please call if you need info on other available formats

Things to watch for:

Any elements that fall outside the stated ad size will not be printed. This includes borders, rules and stroked paths. For example, if you add a stroke to a box that is the exact dimensions of the ad, half of that stroke will fall outside of the ad’s printable area.

No element – including a hidden portion of a masked image or object – should extend beyond the crop marks. Crop images to fit in Photoshop rather than masking them. Vector elements should be trimmed to fall completely inside the ad.

All ads should have a border. While there are exceptions, it should be clear where the ad begins and ends. Remember, it’s going on a page with other ads, graphics, pictures and editorial copy.

Clean up the file. Please don’t leave extraneous components in the final file. To see if you’ve missed anything, do a “select all” and group. If this grouped object falls outside the ad, you’ve missed something.

RGB images are not acceptable. Please convert all images to grayscale for black and white ads, or to CMYK for four-color ads.


If you're using Illustrator:

Convert all type to paths before saving the final EPS file. To be sure you’ve converted all of the type, “select all” before converting.

Be sure you've selected “Illustrator EPS” in the save dialog box.

Be sure the colors in the Illustrator palette are tagged with the correct profile. This will be CMYK for the most part. We'll inform you if a spot color can be used in a particular ad. In that event, you’ll have to use the exact Pantone color specified.

Contact us if you have any questions…